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The Fury and the Blade


This shoot was a long way under way. It started as a notion in the back of my brain early one summer, and it took more than a year and a half for it to bloom into a full shoot idea, finding a model, actually taking the photos and then selecting and editing the photos. This is the end result. I hope you like it.

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One World, One Day, One Photo 1


This was a project that started on Facebook. The idea was that the participants submitted one photo each. The photo had to be taken on Sunday February 15th 2009, and the photographer had to explain why he/she had chosen that photo for submission. The photos were then published in a book on Blurb and the proceeds would be donated to charity. The photos in this album were all taken by me on the day, and subsequently they were the ones I chose for a second evaluatiuon before choosing my final submission.

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The Naked Eye


I started this project because I wanted to show how different eyes can be. And to keep me on track, I decided on 2 rules for the project:
1. The photos can only show the eyes, and as little of the face as possible.
2. I cannot use my friends as models, only strangers I meet on the street.

The only editing I have performed on the photos is the cropping I have done to narrow the photo down to show only the eyes.

I plan to continue the project, but people have a tendency to flee, when you approach them and say "I want to put your eyes on the web". :-)

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My best photos


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